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Although Windows has its own uninstallation assistant, it can be too basic for those who are looking for detailed information on the software being installed or uninstalled. Menu Uninstaller Pro is the perfect alternative to manage your programs.

Its main feature lets you uninstall a program directly from the drop-down menu on the direct access or executable file, so you don't have to access the assistant or a list of programs in order to get rid of it.

The program's menu shows detailed information on each of the installed programs, from the installation date to direct accesses, official links and publisher.

Among other features, it lets you uninstall several programs at the same time by selecting them on the main menu; you can even find them through a search bar on the upper side of the screen.

For those who are expecting even more, it also lets you export all the information about the installed programs in plain text format, as well as the uninstallation log, which shows all the modifications on the Windows registry and the modified sections.
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